December 17, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

I took some engagements up in Park City back in October, and I decided that while I was up there I should just bring the whole family and take our own family pictures with the last of the fall colors. Well, we didn't get many shots, but what we did get turned out pretty cute :)

And our Christmas Card for 2014:

December 9, 2014

Christmas Cousins

We started a new tradition of taking cousin pictures together every Christmas! I had been reading a Christmas/Santa Book to Evelyn in preparation of this shoot so that she would be more familiar with who Santa was, in hopes that she wouldn't be scared of him like last year. Well... that didn't work! Evelyn didn't want to sit down or help Charlotte sit up, and she definitely didn't like Santa. So all in all, these pictures turned out pretty good lol. And did I mention that she ate the cookie prop? Haha - my child!


December 1, 2014

Evelyn at 2 years old

I took these photos about a week before her second birthday, and we had a bunch of fun just running around being silly. She definitely isn't into the posed photos, but hey, these others are totally cute. I mean, she's always cute, so win-win!

-knows almost all her body parts (outside ones at least!). She points to them and says their name when we ask her "where's your _____?" She knows: feet, toes, legs, knees, hips, bum, belly, boobs (ha!), shoulder, elbow, hand, fingers, neck, chin, cheeks, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, head, hair, and back.

-Is getting good at matching animals up with the sounds they make. So far she knows kitty says meow, doggy says ruff ruff, elephant makes the trumpet sound (complete with her using her arm as the long nose - so cute!), pig says oink, cow says mooooo, sheep says baaa, chicken says bawk bawk, and a birdie says tweet tweet. She can identify sooo many animals just by looking at them too!

-Asks me a million times a day "what is that?" "what was that noise?" "where's daddy?" "where's grandpa?" "where's gigi?" as well as "I'm hungeee" and what I ask what she wants, the answer is "gwapes" 99% of the time haha she is now known as the Grape Gobbler! (the fruit of choice has now turned to "owange" which means those little clementine cuties)

-Has learned how to open the fridge, and now we have to keep a lovely ribbon tied around the door handle + pantry door so she can't get in there. Seriously, how is she so dang smart?!

-She's doing better about sleeping in her bed without getting out a million times - FINALLY! That was such a struggle!

-Always asking me to watch the "monkey show" aka Curious George

-Not potty trained, but pees on the potty sometimes. I'm not really into pushing her if she isn't ready yet.

-Whenever she hands me something she says "Thanks, momma" and it just melts my heart!

-Definitely showing her own spunk and learning to demonstrate her independence by having more of an attitude and opinion on things. She pumps her arm at you at says "no, no" when she doesn't like what you said or what you are doing.

Basically, she's pretty damn great!